Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Death Valley Super Bloom '05

Death Valley, CA is expected to have a super bloom event this March due to heavy rains this year. The last super bloom event was in March 2005. My friend and amazing photojournalist, Andrew Lichtenstein, suggested we go out to Death Valley and photograph the flowers. 
The 2005 event turned out to be amazing. It was considered to be a once in a hundred year bloom. There was water everywhere, Lake Manly filled with water and kayakers paddled around the shallow lake.
This year's event will be good, but not close to the 2005 event.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2005
Flowers carpeting the desert floor.

Super bloom.

Lake Manly filled with water.

Purple flowers.

Water everywhere.

Lake Manly with cloud reflections.

Yellow poppies.