Sunday, June 28, 2015

Saturday Night Nitro

This spring's Saturday Nitro event ran a complete gamut of emotions for everyone involved. 
There was Mendy Fry emerging again with her Funny Car the Darkside win and setting a PR in speed. 
Joe Walla was there entertaining the fans and race teams. 
Sadly a great driver and stalwart of the sport, "Rapid" Roger Garten of the War Horse Top Fuel Funny Car, died last night from injuries during a wreck at the track. 
May Roger rest in peace.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2015
Mendy Fry and the Darkside Funny Car.

Big show car with header flames.

High Speed Top Fuel taking the hit.

Nitro Harley trying.

Joe Walla and Da Kingz.

Track worker overcome with emotion after helping to clear the Garten wreck.

Nitro Nick Top Fuel body in the pits after the wreck. Matt Bynum, the driver, was not injured.

Big show funny car taking the hit.