Thursday, April 30, 2015

Paris Photo LA 2015

Paris Photo LA is back.
This year's exhibit showcases some of the world's best photography.
I really like the rediscovered work of R. J. Arnold. He was a portrait photographer who shot some amazing photos of Californians back in the 1880's.
Leica sponsored a strange exhibit, "Silenzio" by Francois Fontaine, consisting of out of focus images that defy logic or reason. Maybe irony is the best way to feature how sharp their camera's are?
Thankfully Paris Photo LA will feature 78 other exhibiters, many of them with sharp and wonderful photography.
Check it out this weekend at the Paramount Studios backlot.

Photos by Ted Soqui
Paramount's backlot

Walk that way.

Silenzio by Francois Fontaine.

Edward Sheriff Curtis.

R.J. Arnold showcases his retouching skills back in the day.

Glass plate negative by R.J. Arnold on display.

R.J. Arnold's negative reversed.