Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hidden Cash in LA

@HiddenCash also dropped some money packages in East Los Angeles, although I didn't see one person find one. The park was full of treasure seekers and the LAPD had to close off local roads around Hollenbeck Park due to the pandemonium caused by @HiddenCash.

The person known as @HiddenCash, via his Twitter handle, made his biggest drop so far.
According to @HiddenCash, he buried 36 "Angry Birds" toys stuffed with money at. He then Tweeted the basic location to his 400 thousand Followers. Thousands of people descended on to Hermosa Beach in search of the treasures. Most people found sand and sun burns. I saw one person find some money, but he may have been faking his find.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2014
No bush ignored.

Ivy searched, check.

Traffic backed up on to the 5 freeway.

Hollenbeck Park.
Digging for treasure.

A possible fake find.


The crowd.