Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LA County Fire Firefighting Aircraft

LA County's firefighting aircraft fleet is now fully ready to handle fire season.
Royal with cheese.

Canadair Superscooper CL415T.

Le Big Mac, Erickson Air-Crane.

Le pilot, Carl Villeneuve.

A County Firehawk.
Two Canadair Superscooper aircraft on lease from Quebec, Canada recently arrived and will remain in LA till the end of December.
The Superscooper aircraft saw duty and made quick work of the fire yesterday, just north of Mandeville Canyon.
The Superscooper can literally scoop up 1600 gallons of water from a lake or ocean in a matter of seconds. The Air-crane can suck up 2200 gallons of water from a pool, lake or ocean, and the Firehawk can load up to 1000 gallons from a lake, ocean, pool, or firetruck.
Also on display today at media day were an Erickson Air-Crane "Helitanker," and a County owned Sikorsky Firehawk.

Photos By Ted Soqui © 2011