Friday, June 10, 2011

Phonehenge West (Updated)

Alan Kimble Fahey, creator of Phonehenge West, was taken into jail by order of a L.A. County Superior Court Judge today. Fahey was convicted last month of 12 misdemeanors including building code violations for building un-permitted and un-safe structures on his property. He also failed to comply with court orders to stop all work on his property and turn off the power after the convictions. Prosecutors argued that Fahey was ignoring the law and acted as he was above the law. Supporters of Fahey felt the court acted too harshly, and believe the one-of-a kind structure's mechanical issues could be resolved.
A bail hearing is set for July 27.

The creator of "Phonehenge West," Alan Kimble Fahey, was convicted of three misdemeanors today, for not complying with the building and safety codes of Acton, CA., a small desert community just north of Los Angeles.
Fahey was repeatedly cited over the last few years by Acton building and safety officials to cease construction of his massive structures, many of them considered unsafe by the officials.
The "Phonegenge West" compound has taken Fahey over 30 years to construct on his sprawling 20,000 foot California desert property. Fahey is now facing prison time along with fines for the misdemeanor convictions, and the structures may have to be torn down. Supporters of the "Phonehenge West" project believe the buildings should be saved, and consider them works of art. Most of the structures are constructed with telephone poles and other strange industrial materials.
Prosectors in the case may file more charges against Fahey,  he will be sentenced on July 8, 2011.


Phonehenge structure.

A giant crane and black widow.


Photos by Ted Soqui © 2011