Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Standoff Aftermath In Sylmar

The Sylmar home after a day long standoff between the home owner, Sergio Salazar, and LAPD SWAT.
LAPD officers made a radio call to Salazar's home for domestic abuse. Salazar open fired on the officers and struck LAPD Officer Steven Jenkins once in the face, and once in the torso.
LAPD SWAT was called in to remove the lone suspect, they attempted to get him to leave the home via a PA system. More shots were exchanged along with tear gas, Salazar refused to leave.
LAPD SWAT then deployed their newest piece of equipment, The BatCat.
The BatCat is a giant forklift crane made by Caterpillar that can be operated by remote control, it cost $1 million dollars. It was used to claw open the Sylmar home in order to find the suspect, was was found shot dead in the upstairs bathroom.
This was the first time the BatCat was deployed.

Photos by Ted Soqui © 2011
Bullet holes in the upstairs bathroom.

The home after BatCat.

LAPD investigators.

LAPD investigator.

Rooms clawed open by BatCat.