Thursday, August 26, 2010

Katrina 5 Years ago

Horse in tree, Plaquemines Parish.
New Orleans skyline.
5th Ward.
Lower 9th Ward.

1st post Katrina Mardis Gras celebration, New Orleans.
Flooded New Orleans.
Lower 9th Ward.
Waiting for the Zulu King.
Lower 9th Ward.
Lower 9th Ward.

I first arrived to New Orleans as the dark waters that flooded the city began to recede, revealing a broken city that would change it forever.
Hurricane Katrina just battered the area, and the antiquated levees were left mangled. New Orleans was totally evacuated, with the exception of a hardy few, turning it in to a massive urban ghost town.
The last thing I heard from a New Orleans taxi cab driver taking me to the airport was "Bill Clinton wouldn't have left us hanging." New Orleans and southern Louisiana was left hanging. With or without FEMA or the Bush administration, New Orleans is bouncing back.
We back!

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