Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mayoral Inauguration @ L.A. City Hall

Antonio Villaraigosa was sworn in as mayor, along with members of the L.A. City Council on the south steps of L.A. City Hall. Derek Fisher of the L.A. Lakers was the emcee of today's event, Kobe and Villaraigosa have had a recent falling out.
The mayor gave his second inaugural speech outlining his 5 goal plan for L.A.
Protesters from the Bus Riders Union lined the perimeter of the event and were quiet for most of the speech.
Gil Garcetti was spotted with his camera taking photos of his son speaking at the dias.
David Freeman was in attendance wearing his signature cowboy hat. The Agape International Choir Ensemble performed a couple of songs, including a Michael Jackson song.
Some empty chairs were spotted at the event, but they were from the early leavers (trying to beat the traffic?)

Photographs by Ted Soqui c 2009