Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LAPD Det. Lazarus Arraignment

Images from today's arraignment of LAPD Det. Stephanie Lazarus. Also, one image from last Friday's press conference at LAPD headquarters.
LAPD Det. Lazurus is accused of capitol murder against Sherri Rassmussen over 23 years ago. Sherri Rassmussen was violently beaten and shot to death by Det. Lazarus in a crime of passion. 
Det. Lazarus was in a relationship with Sherri's husband, John Ruetten, months prior to Sherri and John's wedding. 
The Rasmussen family initially called for an investigation into Det. Lazarus, due to several threats against Sherri from Det. Lazarus. On two separate occasions, Det. Lazurus broke into Sherri and John's condo, the second time Det. Lazarus appeared dressed in her LAPD uniform.
Sherri's family members have hired an attorney and are calling for an investigation into a possible cover up from the LAPD. 
Prosecutors may seek the death penalty against the 26 year LAPD veteran, Det. Lazarus. She remains in jail at the Twin Towers facility in downtown L.A. without bail until her next court appearance on July 6, 2009.

Photos by Ted Soqui c 2009
Pool images of Det. Lazurus by Mark Boster/LA Times